Artist Statement

$teve -The Artist is a multimedia artist currently living in Philadelphia.  His style has a sense of pop culture, but he’s constantly experimenting with each piece, so it’s hard to label him to a certain style.  His inspiration for art derives from things that he has been interested in since childhood. 


$teve has been consuming information and pop culture his whole life. Like most artists he has been drawing almost his whole life.  He wasn’t always focussed on art, he also played sports, video games and watched tv and movies all the time. Whether he knew it or not, he was a consumer of pop culture. 

 That leads us to today in 2022.  After being laid off this November, he is seeking work. He creates digital drawings, Tiktok videos, animations, logos and much more

He’s seeking to create his own lane and become a famous international artist one day. He is passionate about both fine art and digital art and is constantly making both. Follow him on his journey!